Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post trip from Cali-

Hello Friends- Been a few weeks since i last posted here, and, as you might expect, the cycling journey is complete!

Made it into Berkeley after a little under 3 weeks on the road- seeing so much of the wild expanses still to be found in the great southwest- Somehow, after arriving here, i just haven't made the time to put down into words all the flavours and essence of the journey, tho its played thru my mind many times-
How does one even begin to articulate the experiences and impressions left from 1200 miles alone across the barren, beautiful deserts and craggy, desolate ranges?

Of days grinding out seemingly endless miles on arrow-straight roads at 7mph- wind-whipped and dust-covered,
to the thrill of crossing tha Pacific Crest, finally gaining the final summit of the Sierras after 5+ hrs of climbing up the eastern slope?

...to see the humor in the all of it, when you can, at being outside the "rat-race", whether that means missing out on $4 a gallon petrol,

... or being ran out of a perfectly good campsite in the wine vineyards of the central CA valley in the middle of the night, with no place to go except the shoulder of the road -nuclear reactor and barbed wire abode-

...to perhaps hold it all with a bit of equanimity,

To see it all as just part of "tha

Somehow, it feels, at the end of the day, that the essential gift of it all, is the time, and spaciousness which bleeds thru from all that open-ness-

whether its spending time philosophizing with ur travelling partner (this is 'yote- he's from NV) ; )

cranking out some miles with a kindred spirit (thanks Greg!)

or being wrapped back tight in the arms of the one ya love-

Really being there for it all, taking the time to feel into it, one senses, sometimes clearly, sometimes peeking from the edges- a look into something deeper, something timeless & sublime-
Thanks for following, ya'll-

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